– Target is considering stocking items from its online third-party marketplace in its brick-and-mortar stores.
– This could give independent furniture makers a chance to increase their exposure and boost sales.
– Target launched the curated third-party marketplace, called Target+, in 2019. Initially invite-only, it expanded the program later to accept applicants.
– The plan to carry some of the marketplace goods in-store is still in its discussion phase, according to undisclosed sources.
– This move would follow a recent retail trend: both Walmart and Amazon have previously introduced third-party products in their stores.
– Bringing third-party products into physical locations might help Target distinguish itself from other retailers.

## Transforming Target’s Approach to Retail

### Future of Furniture Sales?

Target, the popular department store chain, is playing around with the idea of bringing third-party marketplace products to its physical stores. This could offer a golden opportunity for independent furniture makers to get their imaginative creations in front of potentially millions of new eyeballs.

### Target+ On The Rise

Target initially introduced its third-party e-commerce platform, Target+, as an invite-only experiment in 2019 before opening it up to applicants. As it turns out, Target+ might be an integral part of the chain’s retail operations sooner than anyone expected.

### Following A Successful Trend

Target wouldn’t be the first to adopt this strategy, with both Walmart and Amazon having successfully tested the waters of integrating online and in-store shopping experiences. By tapping into the creativity and drive of third-party sellers, Target can continue to set itself apart in the competitive retail market.

The future might see a significant blurring of lines between online and offline shopping. Etsy shops and eBay entrepreneurs could find their products rubbing shoulders with major brands in the aisle of your local Target. Making room on the shelves for the unique, the quirky, and the independently produced could give Target a fresh identity among the sea of standard big box stores. This is yet another example of how the retail world continues to evolve and adapt in response to changing consumer habits and technology advances.

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=318177

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