* Canadian retailer Structube has recently opened a new store in a high-traffic shopping center in Calgary.
* Structube believes it has found the ‘right location for business’ based on the foot traffic and demographics of the shopping center.
* The store boasts a large product assortment, including contemporary living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture.
* Structube aims to offer high-quality products at affordable prices to cater to a range of customers.
* The retail giant continues to expand its footprint across Canada, with plans to further extend its store network.

Structube Opens New Store in Calgary

High-Traffic Location Boasts Extensive Product Assortment

Further Nationwide Expansion Planned

You may have heard the buzz that Structube has just stretched out its furniture wings a little further, opening a brand new store in Calgary. Now, if you’re wondering why they chose this location, it’s all about the foot traffic, baby! Yes, indeed, their new home is smack-dab in a bustling shopping center that’s a veritable beehive of activity. With all those potential customers zooming around, they felt like they’d landed on the perfect honey pot!

Being known for hip and contemporary living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture, they’ve brought all that and more to their new store. And to sweeten the deal, they’ve made it their mission to offer these high-quality pieces at prices that won’t make your wallet weep.

Like a determined beaver, Structube isn’t stopping there. Nope, they’ve got big plans to keep expanding across Canada, aiming to lodge their stylish pieces in even more homes. So, if you haven’t got a Structube near you yet, don’t fret, it might just be on their radar. Stay tuned!

originial article https://www.furnituretoday.com/?p=316233

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