– The West Coast Golf & Tennis tournament is only a few weeks away.
– The event is expected to attract big names in both sports and business.
– Two of this year’s honorees, Bob and Sue Smith, are urging community members to show their support.
– The Smiths are renowned furniture business owners and philanthropists.
– They have contributed numerous designs to charity events and are passionate about using their success to help others.
– Part of the proceeds from this year’s tournament will go towards local charity organizations, an initiative the Smiths fully support.
– Both honorees see the event as a great way to encourage collaboration and creativity while also having fun and supporting a good cause.

West Coast Golf & Tennis: Mixing Sport, Community, and Charity

Honorees Urge Support for the Event

With the West Coast Golf & Tennis tournament just around the corner, this year’s honorees, Bob and Sue Smith, are calling on their local community to turn out in support of the event. The Smiths, who are well-known faces in the business world, are passionate about using their platform to help others.

The Smiths and Their Commitment to Charity

Known for their prominent furniture business, the Smiths have an extensive history of philanthropy, having donated countless designs to charity auctions and other events. For them, the tournament is more than just a game, it’s a way to bring together different parts of the community in an effort to make a difference.


This year’s West Coast Golf & Tennis tournament is looking like it will be a memorable one, no doubt due in part to the enthusiasm and commitment of the Smiths. By combining sport, business, and charity, this event truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast, a tennis fan, a furniture lover, or just someone who likes supporting good causes, don’t miss the chance to join in.

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