– WithIt, a professional organization for women in the home and furnishings industry, announced Susan Hipple and Kikki Belshaw as keynote speakers at their new-format event.
– The event, titled “Vision Quest”, will see both Hipple and Belshaw discussing the sustainability and future of the home and furnishings industry.
– Susan Hipple, a veteran in the industry with more than 20 years of experience, will share her insights into the integration of technology in furniture design and manufacturing.
– Kikki Belshaw, a renowned expert in sustainability, is set to talk about future-proofing businesses for a more sustainable environment.
– The “Vision Quest” will be an opportunity for people to network, learn, and engage in a conversation about the future of the home and furnishings industry.
– This event will be the first of its kind for WithIt, charting a new direction for the organization with a focus on innovation, sustainability, and technology.

WithIt Welcomes Long-time Industry Experts for New “Vision Quest” Event

Hipple, Belshaw to Share Insights on Industry’s Future

In an industry-first event, WithIt, a women-centric professional organization focused on the home and furniture industry, welcomes veterans Susan Hipple and Kikki Belshaw as keynote speakers.

Susan Hipple: Exemplifying Tech Integration in Furniture Design

Having been in the world of furniture design and manufacturing for over two decades, Hipple will delve into her experiences, particularly focusing on the marriage of technology and furniture crafting. Hipple’s take on how technology continues to shape our living spaces and, by extension, our lives, promises to be an enriching experience.

Kikki Belshaw: Crusading for Sustainability Premiums

On the other hand, Belshaw’s area of expertise lies in fostering sustainability in businesses. As a passionate advocate for environmental preservation and sustainable living, Kikki’s talk about future-proofing businesses for a promising tomorrow is eagerly anticipated.

WithIt Trailblazing a New Path with “Vision Quest”

The “Vision Quest” session is not just a maiden venture by WithIt but also a paradigm shift from conventional industry conferences. It provides an opportunity for the attendees to network, continue learning, and engage in a dialogue about the future of the industry. This event combines the power of innovation, sustainability, and technology – painting a promising future for the world of home and furniture design. This revolutionary approach heralds a new direction for WithIt as they navigate the exciting waters of technology and sustainability in the industry.

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