– World Market Center Las Vegas (WMCLV), a large furniture showroom, is experiencing upgrades across all of its categories.
– The renovations aim to provide dealers with an improved and expanded shopping experience.
– Major updates include new exhibitors in the Home Décor, Gift and Upholstery segment.
– Work schedules and appointments have been rearranged to ensure customer comfort during the renovation period.
– Some exhibitors have also reported visible upgrades in their showrooms and are working on new product developments.
– WMCLV is committed towards promoting healthier and safer business environments post the recent pandemic situation.
– The Center being cybersecurity conscious, is also advancing their digital connections to enable remote client interaction.

The World Market Center Las Vegas (WMCLV) is going through an intense makeover, covering all categories to enhance shopping experiences. The renovations are inclusive of new exhibitors in the Home Décor, Gift and Upholstery sector, presenting even more options for dealers to choose from. Customer convenience is a top priority during this process, with schedules being rearranged to accommodate remodeling work. Exhibitors are not left behind; they too are spicing up their showrooms with noteworthy upgrades and new product advancements. Post the pandemic period, WMCLV is heavily devoted to ensuring healthy and secure business environments. Moreover, they are prepping up for the digital age by strengthening their cyber security and enabling efficient remote client interactions. Comfort and safety of dealers is ensured during this exciting change-over period. Stay tuned to watch WMCLV transform!

World Market Center Las Vegas Undergoes Significant Updates Across Categories

New Additions Expected in Home Décor, Gift and Upholstery Segment

Renovation Scheduled with Customer Convenience Top-of-Mind

Strengthened Digital Connections for an Enhanced Remote Shopping Experience

Exhibitors to Showcase New Product Developments

Health and Safety Measures Encouraged in New Business Environment

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